Roadside & Collision Programs

May 03 2018, Grenier BMW

Roadside & Collision Programs

When it comes to restoring your BMW after a collision, using just any repair service could compromise the safety of your vehicle. That's why BMW has a network of over 40 BMW Certified Collision Repair Centres across Canada, offering advanced technology, BMW trained specialists and guaranteed work to ensure your BMW is restored to its original factory safety specifications. Make a BMW CCRC your only choice for collision restoration. If you've been in a collision, call BMW Accident Management at 1-800-267-8269.

What to do in the event of an accident

Don't compromise your safety:

  • Ensure everyone is safe and call 911 if necessary
  • Call the BMW Accident Management hotline on 1-800-267-8269
  • Obtain all relevant information from other drivers
  • If necessary, contact police services to report the accident
  • Notify your insurance provider

Truths about your insurance

Did you know...

  • While your insurance company may suggest a repair shop, where you take your vehicle is up to you
  • It's your right to request that your BMW be repaired at a BMW CCRC
  • Only a BMW CCRC can restore your vehicle to its original safety specifications
  • You shouldn't face additional charges to repair your vehicle at a BMW CCRC
  • Taking your BMW to a BMW CCRC should not affect your insurance rates

BMW takes major care with minor repairs

To keep you safe, your BMW features several advanced safety sensors* in its bumper. Those sensors may need special attention even after a minor collision. Read on to find out why BMW CCRCs take major care with minor repairs.

*Advanced safety sensors available on certain model years. Please contact your local BMW Retailer for details.

Comprehensively uncompromising

BMW CCRCs are the only collision repair centres that have specialized technology and tools, as well as BMW-trained collision repair technicians. Only BMW certified facilities can guarantee that your vehicle's safety systems have been restored to their original factory safety specifications.

BMW Approved Certificate of Repair

Only BMW CCRCs can issue a BMW Approved Certificate of Repair guaranteeing your BMW was restored to its original factory safety specifications by trained BMW collision repair technicians, using only Original BMW Parts.

Find a BMW CCRC near you

Locating the nearest BMW Certified Collision Repair Centre is easy. If you have a preferred BMW Certified Collision Repair Centre, select a name; otherwise, search for a location near you by entering an address, city or postal code.

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