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Body Shop Service
at Grenier BMW


At Grenier BMW, we’ll take care of your BMW using only the latest technology, modern tools, genuine BMW parts, and, of course, our team’s impressive expertise.

We can make those pesky bumps and scratches disappear. We can also help if you’ve suffered a more serious accident. At Grenier BMW, you’ll be impressed by the quality of our body shop services.

Grenier BMW can fix everything from small scratches to more complex damage. Our technicians have years of experience in collision repair and are passionate about their work. Our consultants will give you a complete assessment and explain the repairs that need to be done on your vehicle.

There are never any surprises at Grenier BMW. While your vehicle is under our care, you’ll enjoy several benefits like rental car services. We only use genuine BMW parts, so your vehicle will retain its resale value and the style that you dearly love.

Learn more about our body repair services today at Grenier BMW.